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    ACCENTO has been teaching English since 2001. While providing the highest standards of teaching at every level we also offer a range of other services to our students, including opportunities for contact with English speaking culture and people.

    We use a communicative methodology, embracing all four language skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) in a highly interactive small group context (maximum 12 students per group). Our fully qualified professional English mother tongue staff use up-to-date coursebooks and other audio-visual and IT materials.

    Following an assessment test, students are placed in classes according to their level. General courses run from October to the end of May and it is usually possible to join a course during the year.

    Classes usually take place twice a week from October to the end of May, from Monday to Thursday. It is also possible to attend classes once a week. For full details of courses and to book a placement test drop in to the school or contact us.

    We believe that while it is never too late to learn, the earlier you start to study a foreign language the better. For this reason we offer a comprehensive programme of English for Young Learners, with our classes designed for children as young as 5.

    Our courses are organised to meet the changing needs of students, and our teachers are trained to be sensitive to their requirements using a teaching style which is aimed at stimulating their interest and curiosity in the language.


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