Authorized Centre for CILS Exams

  • Authorized Centre for CILS Exams

    The CILS Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) is the definitive proficiency examination to prove competence in the language. The certificate is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most Italian universities as a requirement for admission.

    ACCENTO  is a center recognized by the Università  per Stranieri di Siena and offers preparation courses for the CILS exam.

    CILS is an official title recognized by the Italian state on the basis of an agreement with the foreign ministry and shows a student’s ability in the Italian language. The certificate CILS is useful for those who want to do further study in Italy or have professional contact with Italy and who would like to measure their own language skills. The different levels of the certificate prove a certain ability to communicate in Italian in different situations and contexts.

    The certificate has been drawn up and carried out at the CILS centre, a centre for research and service of the University for Foreigners in Siena. The office maintains is in continuous contact with other universities and associations like ILTA, (International Language Testing Association); EALTA, (European Language Testing Association) and native and foreign professors who are highly qualified in the field of linguistics and communication. So it can be guaranteed that the test is always at the highest level.

    The different levels of the CILS certificate have been determined on the basis of the Common European Framework for Languages. The different levels determine certain linguistic and communicative skills. The certificate of each level confirms the ability to communicate appropriately in a specific social and professional environment.

    The following are the different levels established by the Common European Framework for Languages and the corresponding level of the CILS certificate:




    CILS A1
    CILS A2



    CILS UNO- B1
    CILS DUE- B2



    CILS TRE- C1


    Level A1 and A2 - Level A1 and A2 Levels A1 & A2 are for those, who are at the initial stages of learning the Italian language. Level A1 testifies the initial process of learning the language. Level A2 testifies an initial, but still not autonomous ability to communicate.

    Level UNO- B1 -Level UNO- B1 determines basic skills. This level testifies the ability to communicate appropriately and autonomously during the most frequent situations in everyday life.

    Level DUE- B2 - Level DUE- B2 is the medium level of the linguistic and communicative ability. This level testifies a higher ability of the fundamental use of the language and allows the student to continue to improve communication in everyday life. With this certificate students who do not form part of the European Union can directly enrol in an Italian University without having to do a language test. .


    Level TRE- C1 - Level TRE- C1 testifies a higher linguistic and communicative ability. This level enables the extension of linguistic and communicative abilities, which allows the student to communicate not only in everyday life but also to speak correctly in formal and professional situations.

    Level QUATTRO- C2  - Level QUATTRO- C2 is the advanced level of linguistic and communicative skills. This level allows the student to communicate perfectly both in personal and professional situations. This level is required for professors at Universities and interpreters at consulates.


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