Why Accènto courses

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Why Accènto courses

Though mainly focused on Italian and English languages,  ACCENTO offers courses in other foreign languages. Specifically in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian.

We are aware how important is in a globalized world to be able to communicate in more than one language. Before starting a programme we assess the real needs of the student, and our instructors base the lessons on that.

ACCENTO knows that there are no perfect methods -to learn a language is a highly subjective process- but we believe that the Communicative approach is the best.

To learn a second language we believe that it must be fun and interesting.

ACCENTO has a team of qualified teachers who make client goals possible .

Each instructor brings their own culture, qualifications and experience to the class. We hire teachers who have the same concept of teaching: the student is the center of the lesson. The teacher and the material are instrumental to the students and not viceversa.

Our students need practical training, and they need to be in the position to communicate; most of them learn a language because of their work, because that might mean a pay raise; that is why at ACCENTO we want the students to achieve their goal in the shortest possible time.

To maintain our standard we select trainers who: 

  • are mother tongue in the target language;
  • have a college degree in the target language;
  • have language training with private and corporate clients;
  • have references which we check

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